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Sounds Of Music offers "THE BEST" Hi-Fi and Home Cinema products. We know anyone can make that claim but as our "Consumer Choice Awards for Best Home Theater Systems" prove, we back it up with products and service unparalleled in the industry. One of the reasons we make that claim is because of our meticulous product selection process. To qualify as a Sounds Of Music product every piece of equipment must meet the highest standards of sonic purity, build quality and have outstanding manufacturer’s support. You can do business with Sounds of Music with complete confidence. You can be assured the products you purchase will perform to their optimum potential and all of your interactions with Sounds of Music will adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and Customer Service.


Sounds of Music has been in business since 1957 making us the oldest retailer of Hi-Fi products in the City of Calgary. Even as the business expands and continues to grow into other areas like Custom Installation and Programming and Home Automation, the Retail side of the business still holds a large part of our heart. When you visit our store you will find a staff well versed in current technology, but you will find something else too. You will find that we take pride in accommodating your Hi-Fi and Home Cinema needs. Our systems range from the very modest to the decidedly elaborate. Do you require room to spread out your floor plans? We also have a private meeting room designed to provide the time and space to discuss the specific needs of your home. Our staff is willing to do all we can to meet your needs in a professional and enthusiastic manner. Part of the fun in visiting our store is affording you the opportunity to dream. Even if you are only looking for a small system for your office or an iPod© dock for your daughter’s dorm room, frankly, we would love to have the opportunity to show off. We understand not everyone is interested in our most elaborate systems but we would still enjoy the opportunity to let you see and hear them. Why not take the time to sit down in one of our Cinema rooms and experience just how good a reference system can look and sound?

The world of consumer electronics has seen a dramatic shift in the last decade away from stereo sound and toward surround sound systems and Home Theatre. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice the former at the expense of the latter. At Sounds Of Music we are still passionate about the purity of two channel sound. We have an abiding love for music and we still dedicate a significant portion of our resources to providing the best in hi-fi components. You don’t have to look around our store for very long to see that we are dedicated to the great companies like McIntosh Laboratories , Classe' Audio, Transparent, Rotel Hi-Fi, NAD Electronics and B&W Loudspeakers just to name a few. These companies have a long history of being among the best in the audiophile world and Sounds of Music is proud to feature them as a core element of our business.

We take the term "custom" very seriously. To us it means, "designed for a specific customer." The term "installation" denotes "something put in place for a specific purpose." These terms summarize the mandate of Sounds of Music's Custom Installation Division.

To ensure that the systems designed for Sounds Of Music customers are installed in such a way as to optimize their performance we employ a team of licensed and bonded dedicated professionals. Our installation teams are seasoned and highly trained technicians who are amoung the best in the business. Whether the system design calls for Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Home Automation or the programming of the latest technological marvel, our Techs can tackle the job. We are thoroughly equipped to handle any project, whether it is a new home or even an existing home requiring retro-fitting, no job is too small or too big for our highly trained professionals. We take pride in making the "impossible" possible.

One of the most popular facets of our business is the installation of multi-room Distributed Audio systems. It’s no longer necessary to turn the volume up in the living room in order to hear music in other rooms of the house.. With a Distributed Audio system designed and installed by the experts at Sounds of Music you can listen to music at a nice even volume throughout your home. From a simple keypad on the wall you can choose to listen to jazz in the living room while the kids are listening to pop music in their bedrooms and your spouse is rocking out to the Rolling Stones on the deck. Of course there are some rooms in the house where you may want even more control. How about a sophisticated, yet simple to use touch screen that, in addition to music, allows you to access your security system, cameras, lighting, HVAC and blinds? When it’s time to shut down the system for the night it’s simply a matter of touching one button. In the morning, the system acts as an alarm to gently wake you up to the radio station or CD of your choice.

When the Technicians from our Custom Installation Division come into your home you can rest assured that you are receiving the best quality, parts and workmanship.

“Systems Integration” is becoming an increasingly important concept in our industry. To us it is much more than just a buzz word or catch phrase. At Sounds of Music we recognize the capability of today’s sophisticated consumer electronics devices allow one to go far beyond “just” listening to music or watching a video. As a matter of fact many modern devices are specifically designed to do more than entertain… they are designed to accommodate the needs of an active lifestyle in a growing family. Nowhere is this truer than in the area of Systems Integration.

It is for that reason that the professionals at Sounds of Music have taken the time and training to learn how to integrate the latest in computer technology seamlessly with audio and video components. Computers are not just for “work” or “play” any more. Specialized companies like Escient and Elan build products that can be used to manage and control many areas in your home. Some of these specialized products work as music and video servers, storing tens of thousands of songs or movies and playing them back at CD or DVD quality. Other computers can also act as Security monitoring devices allowing you to “see” and “hear” what is going on in your home from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. A well networked system in a home can control the lights, the temperature, open and close the blinds, play music, control what’s on every TV and turn the security system on and off.

The staff at Sounds of Music are experts in making this happen. Not only can we link the devices in your home together into one network, but we can make it possible for you to use them in a myriad of practical ways. With proper system planning and design we can allow you to watch any device in the home, from a DVD player to a PVR to a Movie Server, on any TV in the house.

What does that mean in practical terms? Well, say you are watching a movie in the Home Cinema on Friday evening with the family and Dad gets up to tend to the steaks on the grill. He can flip on the TV by the deck and continue to enjoy the movie. While he’s up there there’s a knock on the front door. At the touch of a button the same TV becomes a security monitor and he can see who’s there. By picking up the nearest telephone he can even talk to them. Sounds futuristic? We can not only make that happen, we can make it happen from anywhere in the world where Dad has access to the internet! He can be in New York City and enjoy the movie with the family in the Home Cinema Room in Calgary! (Or course, in the scenario, someone else better be tending the grill… just don’t tell Dad you’re touching his Bar-B-Q!)

But it’s not just about movies and music any more, either. As one of only a handful of Lutron PSP (Preferred Systems Provider) dealers in Canada, we are also able to work miracles with lighting and shade controls in your home. We can program your lights to come on gradually as the sun goes down and to gently wake the house in the morning. Lutron Lighting Control also gives you the security of giving your home a “lived-in” look even if you are on vacation. Your lights can be programmed to come on and turn off throughout the evening and the blinds can be open and closed so that it appears that someone is at home even when you’re not.

With proper planning and system design, that’s just a small sample of the things we can do.

Sounds Of Music is no longer just a retail store! We have become so much more than that in order to accommodate the demands of the today’s sophisticated consumer… people just like you. We have grown to offer a wide range of services and products that will help you make all the right decisions from system design through purchasing, installation and programming. We can even design acoustically perfect sound rooms and furnish them with acoustic paneling, sofas and chairs!

With over 50 years of business experience... at Sounds of Music we pride ourselves in sales, service and installation!

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