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SONY BRAVIA and XBR Televisions now Available! Featuring in store the new 65 Inch OLED TV! Come see it for yourself!

Sounds Of Music welcomes SONY Televsions and Projectors.  Your living room now becomes a comfortable, convenient cinema; enjoy amazing films with intense realism. Now there is another choice of a premium product with Sony's wide array of sizes and quality.  We have even brought in the new SONY BRAVIA OLED television which is the BESTOLED  looking picture we have seen to date.  In  addition we have availabe and soon to be seen at Sounds Of Music the SONY projectors from the very affordable Full HD SXRD model starting at $2799.00 to the top projector  with Full 4K SXRD.  Sounds Of Music will have some projector models in our showrooms for viewing in the near future.  Wer invite you to see the BRAVIA and XBR Series flat screen televisions ans you will agree that there is nothing like them inpicture quality!

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