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Two new entry level JL Audio subwoofers is being introduced very shortly and we have one of these two subwoofers that was made available for Canada to demonstrate in our soire.  The NEW Dominion Seires is design for the budget concious consumer with the expectation and standards by JL Audio subwoofers.  There is the D108 subwoofer with a 8inch/ 500watt subwoofer and the D110 with a 10inch/750watt subwoofer which  we have available for demonstration. The long-throw woofer drivers and digital amplification is proprietary technology and like all the other JL Audio models is manufactured and assembled in Florida, USA. Gloss black and black ash is available with the Dominion Series subwoofers.  Reviews for the new Dominion series have been overwhelmingly strong and positive.  We welcome you to come and audition this new product with a surprise that the sound qualty and performance is still JL Audio with your budget in mind.

Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally-perfect high-fidelity audio.

As designers, engineers and individuals who have spent our lives in the music industry, they are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. They are many of the same people from world-famous NAD that pioneered HiFi in the 70s, and continue to relentlessly pursue innovative technologies and faithful music reproduction. They is not just another computer company. Bluesound is all about sound.

All of your music, for all to hear.

Get your music out of your head and into the room. After all, music was meant to be shared! They are passionate about musical detail, texture and volume (they are not just talking about decibels here), and they have painstakingly designed a cutting-edge pure digital platform that delivers on the total HD audio experience. Audio reproduction just like the moment they recorded it in the studio. Just like the musicans themselves wanted it to be heard. Add internet radio and online music services to your own digital audio library to the mix. Sound good? Bluesound think so. And so do the critics.
You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate hi-definition sound. But you might just become one once you hear what you’ve been missing. Come and learn morehere.

Samsung "The Frame" Television


The Frame is an innovative design concept that exudes elegance as a framed piece of art and a 4K television. It beautifies any space in your home, adding personality to a room by displaying art and your own photos. Art Mode transforms your TV into a gallery-worthy display piece, while a unique frame design and interchangeable bezels effortlessly complement your interior décor.

Bring harmonized design into your home with The Frame – a groundbreaking intersection of art and technology.  want to learn more, press here.



Sounds Of Music welcomes SONY Televsions and Projectors.  Your living room now becomes a comfortable, convenient cinema; enjoy amazing films with intense realism. Now there is another choice of a premium product with Sony's wide array of sizes and quality.  We have even brought in the new SONY BRAVIA OLED television which is the BESTOLED  looking picture we have seen to date.  In  addition we have availabe and soon to be seen at Sounds Of Music the SONY projectors from the very affordable Full HD SXRD model starting at $2799.00 to the top projector  with Full 4K SXRD.  Sounds Of Music will have some projector models in our showrooms for viewing in the near future.  Wer invite you to see the BRAVIA and XBR Series flat screen televisions ans you will agree that there is nothing like them inpicture quality!

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